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Vertis-Line ERGO-BRUSH by Wilky Bunyan

Ergonomic brush


Only a dental technician with out of the ordinary skills and experience could create a brush with this shape!

Only a company founded by dental technicians could understand how ingenious this project was, where nothing was left to chance! When Wilky Bunyan designed this brush, he did not design it only for a specific task, knowing full well that the advantages of using this type tool would be extraordinary in many other applications.

Another significant advantage lies in the shape of this instrument, which permits correct posture of the operator.

ERGO BRUSH The original handle for brushes in various sizes, designed by Wilky Bunyan, a professional dental technician, which in contrast to traditional brushes, where the handle hides the tooth, forcing the operator to continuously change positions, permits inclination of the handle, so the operator always has a free view while maintaining correct posture. Simply rotating the point reaches all the areas where the operator needs to model, insert material and color the implant.

Vertis-Line ERGO-BRUSH by Wilky Bunyan

Ergonomic brush

200-3009 ERGO-BRUSH No 00 *200-3029
200-3010 ERGO-BRUSH No 0 *200-3030
200-3012 ERGO-BRUSH No 2 *200-3032
200-3014 ERGO-BRUSH No 4 *200-3034
200-3015 ERGO-BRUSH No 5 *200-3035
200-3016 ERGO-BRUSH No 6 *200-3036

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